A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Trell Webb, also known as “Donk,” is
a highly sought after minister and public speaker. Through his powerful
testimony, Trell shares how God saved him from death and paralysis at
age 11 and delivered him from a life sentence and imprisonment for murder
at age 15, transforming his entire life to be a testament to the power of

Donk’s love for God and people transcends generations. He can reach
those that are battling the strong holds of street life, as well as today’s
youth who are fighting daily temptations and searching for peace within.

He currently serves as the youth pastor at Christian Life Center Worldwide
in Atlanta, GA, and is the Founder/CEO of Real Life World Wide, a non-
profit organization that aims to “rebuild lives with shattered dreams from
unfortunate circumstances in communities all over the world.”

Donk’s ministry is helping hundreds of lives, in areas as far as London and Africa, experience the “Real Life” movement with his “Wake up and Pray” prayer line he hosts each Saturday at 10 am.

Donk and his supportive wife Tia reside in Atlanta and are the proud
parents of four children. He knows that his real life struggles created a real
life ministry, and his mission is to show the world that with God there is
power, there is hope, and there is peace, and that is the only way to live