Born and raised in the beautiful state of Washington Jarvis Henderson, has lived the life of an overcomer. From a child of the inner city streets to a renowned speaker, life coach, youth advocate, pastor, consultant and global corporate leadership trainer for the Hertz Corporation.

He brings a power-packed, high-energy approach to his presentation that is profound and pushes you to get up and GO DO SOMETHING! The evolution of his life has produced a man who extravagantly loves God, Loves people and loves life.

A leader of the masses from a young age, Jarvis began speaking and empowering his peers while in middle school. As he grew older and continued to evolve, he went from speaking in front of his peers at his middle and high school in Washington to standing on platforms at universities, churches, and businesses worldwide spreading the gospel.

Now residing in the south eastern region of the US, he not only is a leader in the body of Christ he is also a representation of the body in the market place. He attributes his success in corporate America to living a God first life and applying biblical principle to all that he does both in business and ministry.

Before going back into corporate America, Jarvis was the youth and college pastor for one of the fastest growing ministries in America at the time. God used him to pioneer one of the most influential campus ministries on the campus of the University of Florida and to build a youth ministry full of young people who were fired up and sold out for Christ.

His action inspired messages will not only empower you, but teach you the fundamentals of embracing a lifestyle commitment to growth and change.

His life’s mission is all about one thing IMPACT! Impacting lives across the globe, he has a passion for helping men and women tap into their greatness and show up as the leaders, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers and change-agents that we need in our communities and the world.

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to hear him speak. Guaranteed your life will not be the same. You will leave empowered to make a change in your homes, churches, and communities now.