Getting his start at an early age, Pastor Chris Cox could always be found in church serving in some way. For many years, he lent his talents to his home church as Worship Leader and a Musician under the leadership of his parents, Pastor John and Constance Cox.

In the year of 2007, shortly after graduating college with a degree in computer science, Pastor Chris was also licensed as a minister of the Gospel. This new assignment would place him on a evangelistic mission to reach his generation by spreading a message centered with God’s love and power at the center. 

For the past six years Pastor Chris has served the local church as a Youth & Young Adults Pastor. Pastor Chris has been a voice to countless youth and young adults speaking at many different conferences, as well as middle school through college campuses nationwide.

Pastor Chris also has a passion for leadership development and has had the opportunity to speak at a number of leadership conferences that focus on youth and young adult ministry strategy and implementation.

The majority of his time is devoted to building meaningful relationships with youth  and young adults that aid in a discovery of who they are, but more importantly, who God is trying to mold them into. Pastor Chris affectionately sums all of these ministry efforts into two words that have become the trademark of his ministry, “LetzGO”, a statement he often makes thats rooted in the great commission of Matthew 28:19 to “GO Make Disciples”.

If you asked him what’s his current mission, he’d tell you: to prevent a generation from becoming what happened to them by exposing them to what happened for them. This mission is fully encompassed within every message, event, and endeavor that he has a hand in.